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Oven Roasted Chicken Recipes


  • Step-1 / Prepare
  • Chicken- 1.5 kg

  • Thyme-bunch-(few stems spread in & out)

  • Onion 1-chopped

  • Oil 2-tbs

  • Step-2 / Marinade Mix
  • Paprika-1/2-tsp

  • Ground Pepper 1-tsp

  • Butter- 2 tbsp

  • Dark Soya Sauce 1-tsp

  • Lemon 1/3- Take one third of a Lemon and scrape the sediments and juice

  • Honey 1-tbs

  • Salt 3/4-tbsp not heaped

  • Step-3 / Gravy Mix
  • Hot Water 1/2-ltr

  • Chicken Stock 2-cube

  • Plain Flout 1-tbsp

  • Small Onion sliced

  • Veg Oil 1-tbsp

In preparation for one of our oven roasted chicken recipes, take the Chicken out of the fridge and let it sit in ambient temperature for 90-minutes before marinating. Chop the Onion, wash the thyme and keep 2-tbs oil ready for later.

Add all the items to make the marinade mix in to a large bowl and mix it to a consistent paste.

Apply the prepared marinade liberally to cover the whole Chicken and then cover and set aside for 30-minutes for marinade to soak in.

Use a suitable roasting tray that will allow the Chicken to sit comfortably and warm in the oven with 1-tsp of oil. When warm, bring out the tray and add the onion and leave back in the oven for 2-minutes.

Remove the tray from the oven, bring all the onion to the centre and place one stalk of thyme on top and nestle the Chicken over it. Place the remaining thyme spread out over the chicken.

Place the tray back in the oven and cook on gas mark 5, (170c for fan assisted oven and 190c for other type for 1hr – 20min).

Bring out from the oven after cooking for 30-minutes and baste the meat with some oil or butter and return to oven to complete the cooking.

Oven Roasted Chicken Recipes
Oven Roasted Chicken

Once cooked, remove meat and cover with foil and let it rest for 15- minutes. This will ensure meat is nice and moist when serving. Keep the tray aside as this will be needed for making the gravy.

Add 1/2ltr of boiled water into the tray and scrape in all the onion and left overs. Add 1-tbsp of plain flour and 2-tbs of your choice of gravy granules and two chicken cubes, stir and leave it back in the oven for 3-minutes. Bring out the tray and pour all the content over a sieve to strain the juices or you can keep it all in and your gravy is ready.

Remove the foil over the Chicken and pour a few spoons of gravy onto it before slicing and serving with your favourite veg.

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