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Hi, welcome to – The place to get help for small food businesses.

My Food Passion and Journey 

I was born in the beautiful coastal State of Kerala in southern India. Kerala is a paradise renowned for its rich spice heritage, coconuts and our seafood cuisine and vegetarian dishes are adored the world over.

Kerala is also on the map for its rich medicinal heritage and healthy living and is widely known as the home of Ayurveda. With all that my motherland has blessed me with, knowing and sharing food values are in my genes.

My grandparents were a great inspiration during my childhood and so much of my love for life and people have been moulded by their influence. I so miss the happy memories of our regular family reunions with cousins, aunties and uncles all working together joyfully to create great feasts worthy of celebration.

Over the years I honed my cooking skills from my parents who were both passionate and competitive when it came to food creation. Learning from them, I became subconsciously competent at improvising and creating cuisines from almost any ingredients available.

In July 2000, I turned my passion for food into a business producing chilled ready-made meals to meet the demands of people who were looking for comfort and convenience in our fast-moving world.

The business was successful but came to an end due to an economic downturn and my poor health. However, the knowledge is intact and I am making it available to all who like me, are passionate about food. 

Why my Experiences can help small food businesses avoid pitfalls.

Having been in business for many years and experiencing both good and bad with the bad outweighing the good, I don’t wish anyone to go through my hell. My downfalls have taught me well and I am now better equipped to stay the journey and also help others stay on track.

When I started out in my business, I thought I knew everything that I needed to know to jump in and make a success. I quickly realized it was going to be nothing like I had envisaged and change was required for the business to survive.

Having made the decision, I carried out a post-mortem of my troubled years. It revealed my worst nightmares and left me with two choices, the first was to live in the troubles of the past and continue being unproductive and the second was to live in the future and I chose the latter. Although I was unable to predict or plan my future at the time, I knew it can’t be any worse than what I have experienced.

I spent many years thinking I had control over my destiny before realizing I knew nothing about business. My understanding of business only became apparent because of that post-mortem. This is what I learned, you are not in business if it can’t operate without you.

Your Success is My Goal

If you are experiencing challenges in your food business or are considering going into this profession, this site will give invaluable knowledge to steer you in the right direction for success.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Best Regards,  Johnson Samuel


  1. This is an awesome website. I’m anxious to read more from you.

    • Hi Debra, thank you for your encouraging comment.
      Is there anything specific that caught your eye?
      Please leave me a reply here or by email with any tips on how I can improve content.


    • Hi Debra,
      Long time no speak. Hope you are flying with WA and life in general.

      I have been quite since we last spoke almost 2-years ago.

      You will be pleased to know I am back working on my site and would appreciate your feedback and some tips on how to succeed in affiliate marketing.
      my site is

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