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Best Home Food Processor

Tefal Double Force Pro DO821840 Multifunction Food Processor

Model- Tefal DO821840-Home Food Processor

• Power Type- 1000W

• Voltage- 230V

• Price comparison new- Amazon- £110-inc Vat and delivery / Argos £119.99 inc Vat plus £3.95 delivery.

• Best price, service Value found including delivery – Amazon £110 inc Vat, (Price Promise offered)

• weight-

• Capacity- 3-ltr Food processor and 2-ltr Blender Jug

• Product dimension- 28 x 23 x 40 cm

• Guarantee- 3-years-(1st year inclusive of parts & labour & parts only for remaining 2-yrs)

• Colour- Black


Product Overview

The Tefal Double Force Pro DO821840 is a Multifunction high performing best home food processor & blender in one that is smart and is a user-friendly appliance. Most modern machines come with multiple attachments but is not user friendly and very  little of the attachments are used.

The Tefal Double Force is one of the best home food processor you can buy. The Tefal Double Force Pro has six easy to use programmes to make any food prep easy. Simply attach the appropriate bowl, choose whether you are chopping or blending and turn the control dial to select your preparation.

The dynamic control mechanism of Double Force Pro automatically adjusts the speed and force of spin to ensure perfect results every time.  For chopping, DFP runs at low speed with high spin force. For blending, the DFP runs at high speed with low spin force.

The Tefal Double Force Pro is a well built robust workhorse that can handle both light and the heavier task with ease. The machine comes with 8-dishwasher safe attachments that can be used to carry out 31-different functions. The bowl and jug capacity is also impressive with a 3-ltr chopping bowl and 2ltr jug.

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