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Sage Air Fryer and Oven-SOV860BSS4GUK1 


• Power Type- 2400 watts

• Voltage- 220-240V

• weight- 13kg 

• Dimension- 48(W) X 40(D) X 28(H)-cm

• Guarantee- 2-years-(repair or replace)

• Colour- Stainless Steel

• Cleaning- Removable filters with auto cleaning reminder

• Colour Stanless Steel

• Compact design

• Touch panel control

• PDI temperature control-(maintains precise and stable temperature)

•  Programmable controls to set to your requirement 

Product Overview

If you are scratching your head over finding best air fryers prices, the Sage air fryer is probably the best Air fryer in its class and it comes with a multitude of functionalities to earn a permanent place in any kitchen. It’s well priced for affordability and the energy saving capabilities of this machine will allow it to pay for itself in no time.

The versatility this machine gives in comparison to others in its class will ensure you can get more out of it including cooking bigger volumes. 

If you are looking for an all in one machine that can grill, bake, fry, cook, reheat and much more, the Sage air fryer will be hard to beat. Sage has also thought about the look and feel of this machine and have come up with an elegant design to grace any kitchen.

There are one or two things which takes away a little glow from the otherwise well built machine. Being light and weighing only 13-kg, it can move around and should be placed in a secure area for safety. The machine can also become a little hot if running on hot settings for long periods of cooking and therefore should be away from the reach of children.

 The manufacturers recommendation is to keep at least 10cm clearance to both sides and 15cm above. Think of these simple guidelines when installing and you will extend the life of this product to enjoy its benefits longer.

What to look out for when buying!

• Accessories-Fry basket, roasting pan, non-stick pizza pan, wire rack, grilling rack-(make sure you get them all)

• Availability is low on this product but limited stock is available with Amazon-£450.00 inc Vat & delivery.

• Best price, service Value found- Amazon has a return policy on this product till 31/01/2020 and will deliver FREE. 

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