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Food Business Ideas-helpful guide for newbies

If you are considering going into this profession or experiencing challenges in your food business, this site is here to give tips for newcomers to food biz. It will also serve as a reminder for what you set out to do and be a reference guide on your journey.

Food business ideas – can it help you?



Authentic Kerala Chicken Biriyani Recipe


This Kerala Chicken Biriyani is another great dish bringing the flavours of South India to your kitchen. Have a go and make this dish your very own creation.

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What is First Data Merchant Services


The Clover range of products are state of the art card payment processing systems designed for First Data Merchant Services by its sister concern Fiserve. If you are looking for a competitive edge for your business, the Clover can offer you so much more than just a chip & pin […]

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Best merchant service for small business


When you are starting out as a small business, it’s only natural that you will be wearing most of the hats in the early stages to keep costs low. Among the many things you need to consider, one of them will be to find the best merchant service for small […], Guidance

Free Food and Hygiene Tips-follow these steps and stand out.


The growth of your food business depends on how much you care for your customers. Take steps to stand out and the business will take care of itself., Main, Recipes

Easy Chinese Egg Fried Rice – quick fix meal for busy days.


Check out some of our other pages for great recipe ideas and please give us feedback so that we can continue to improve this space for you.

ideas for starting a food business

What is the best small business to start- Are you considering food ?



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Oven Roasted Chicken Recipes


In preparation for one of our oven roasted chicken recipes, take the Chicken out of the fridge and let it sit in ambient temperature for 90-minutes before marinating. Chop the Onion, wash the thyme and keep 2-tbs oil ready for later. Add all the items to make the marinade mix […]

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Best Air Fryers Prices


Sage Air Fryer and Oven-SOV860BSS4GUK1  Specifications  • Power Type- 2400 watts • Voltage- 220-240V • weight- 13kg  • Dimension- 48(W) X 40(D) X 28(H)-cm • Guarantee- 2-years-(repair or replace) • Colour- Stainless Steel • Cleaning- Removable filters with auto cleaning reminder • Colour Stanless Steel • Compact design • Touch […], Main, Meat

The Best Roast Beef – a winning dish to grace any table.


Preparation If the Beef is coming out of the fridge and is rolled and tied with string, undo the string and flatten the rolled meat and set aside in ambient temperature for 1-hour. Add all the ingredients to a bowl except the flour and Onion and mix it to a […]

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Best Home Food Processor


Tefal Double Force Pro DO821840 Multifunction Food Processor • Model- Tefal DO821840-Home Food Processor • Power Type- 1000W • Voltage- 230V • Price comparison new- Amazon- £110-inc Vat and delivery / Argos £119.99 inc Vat plus £3.95 delivery. • Best price, service Value found including delivery – Amazon £110 inc […], Soups

Mutton Soup


Mutton Soup This is a great warming dish for those cold days. The dish is traditional in South India-(Kerala) and is best when made with Goat meat on the bone. Goat meat is lean and is a much healthier option than most meat. Easy Preparation Step-1 Set aside 2-tbsp of […]

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Menumaster-Heavy Duty Programmable Microwave DEC14E2


• Product Name- Menumaster-Heavy Duty Compact Microwave DEC14E2 Product Overview The Menumaster DEC14E2 is a good quality machine capable Cook your dishes quicker and more evenly with a DEC14E2, Main, Meat, Recipes

Best Chicken Curry Recipe-Taste of kerala


Today as I am getting ready to prepare lunch, my taste buds have taken me on a journey back to my homeland and have wet my appetite so much so, I am going to get my hands dirty and show you the best chicken curry recipe and how to make […]

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Best Veggie Burger, Chickpea-Spinach & Cashews.


Here is one of our best Burger ideas you can create in minutes to enjoy with family or friends.

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Small Business Space Rent-how to negotiate terms


Before looking at food-biz operational premises to lease, have an understanding of your space requirement, location and small business space rent expectation. Use the scenarios below to help you establish your size requirement. Types of food businesses you may be considering 1. Take Away Biz  Kitchen – (prep equipment – […]